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TeElle Marie

I am a dinosaur dont laugh at me





Name: TeElle
Age: 15
Location: Michigan
Sex: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

Bands: The sound of animals fighting, fear before the march of flames,  weezer, deathcab for cutie, the postal service, the vandals, ok-go, rancid, the distillers, day in age, && streetlight manifesto
Songs: lover i dont have to love, I was a kaleidscope, such great heights, brand new colony, return,
Lyric: and when you wake up
everything is going to be fine
i guarantee that you wake up in a better place
and in a better time
so you're tired of living
and you feel like you might give in
well don't
it's not your time

and even if it was
i wouldn't let you go
you could run run run run but i will follow close
someday you will say "that's it, that's all"
but i'll be waiting there with open arms to break your fall
i know that you think that you're on your own
but just know that i'm here
and i'll lead you home
if you let me
she said "forget me"
but i can't

Movies: the breakfast club, pretty in pink, emperors new groove, ice age, all the aladin movies, the little mermaid, brave little toaster, were back, all the harry potter movies, all the LOTR movies, oceans 11&12, after the sunset, pokemon
Television shows: the price is right
Activities: drums, snowboarding,
Word: cool beans
Color: green
Texture: soft
Smell: when you walk outside early in the morning
Year/time period: 80s

Your views on
The world: I think there are people in the world who are afraid to show who they really are because of this image we have created that they dont fit and because of that we are probably really missing out on some great ideas.
Dinosaurs: I think they are ubber rad! The T-rex is my favorite =D
Pre-Marital sex: honestly, if the boy and girl really do love each other I think its fine. However, I am not a fan of one night stands and being with someone just for sex.
Animal Testing: Just because it works on an animal doesnt mean that its always going to work on humans. I think testing should be done on humans, of corse they would have to coose to be expieremented on but that way we wouldnt be doing this to animals who really dont have a choice.
Legalization of drugs: People are going to do drugs either way so I dont think it really matters.
Today's 'pop' music: honestly, I dont listen to it enough to have an opinion.
Live Journal rating communities: if you fit the image then snaps for you shows you are like everyone else in that community but for all the people who get bitched out i think those  communities are just another way to fuck over you self esteem.
Television: Theres some good stuff, like the history channel and comedy is fine too. But when people start watching it all the time and obsess over certain shows then I think tv is a waste.
Uniqueness: is an essential in everyday life
School: what can I say, you either love it or you hate it. Either way you must have it if you are going to do something with you life.

If you had to learn another language what would it be and why?:  Italian, because I have a bit of italian in me.
If you had to live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?: New York. because I have lived in the country my whole life and I despretly want to go out and expierence the hustle and bustle of city life.
If your parents kicked you out of your house and you couldn’t go to a friends house where would you go and why?:I would probably just hitch hike all over the united states, and sleep where I can.
If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only bring three things, what would they be and why?: stereo, cds, and a lighter. So I could listen to my music and a lighter for when I want to make a fire to attract planes to get me off the island.
Tell us something about yourself that we should know: I was adpoted from florida when I was little.
If you had only 24 hours to live, what would you do? and why?:

Name the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word
Dinosaur: rawrr
Sunglasses: you can never have enough
Coffee bean: tastes good
Shoot: gun
Punk: anarchy
Emo: cheer up already!
Indie: excelent movies
Metal: rawrrrwarrr
Pop: oops i did it again
Weasel: randall from recess
Poop: who ordered the poo poo platter?

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Any last words?  The paper burns but the words fly free!

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