Paisley (windmill182) wrote in robodinosaur,

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ok here it goes.

one last time...with feeling.

i really hope this works this time b/c if it doesnt than my life is over and so is yours. my whole life i have wanted one fucking thing and it is for this stupid lj cut thing to work so please let this work so i can say meaningful things.

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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! i am a diabolican madman! and an evil genius. thank you thank you. it worked i am so happy it worked.

Congratulations on getting it to work, and I have always wanted to encounter a diabolical madman. Yay for me. (Just ignore me... I tend to babble)
ah you do mistake me. i am a madwoman.
actually, forget what i just said b/c i did in fact say i am a madman.